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“No Bull” facts about Airbrush Tanning

Chapter 7: Page 2 of 2
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Chapter 7:  DHA vs. Erythrulose (cont.)

So what is the point in including it in a tanning solution? Scentual Sun has determined it is merely a marketing gimmick allowing manufactures that include it in their solutions to charge premium prices for solutions with a negligible difference in performance.

What about customers that are allergic to DHA? In Scentual Sun testing we found that the majority of our test subjects developed the same allergic reaction to Erythrulose as they did to DHA. Their chemical structure is so similar that it will not equitably reduce allergic reactions in numbers that warrant the production of a product containing Erythrulose as its only tanning ingredient.

How many people are allergic to DHA? I have personally tanned countless numbers of people with products containing DHA both by hand and with an airbrush and have only seen five allergic reactions. The reactions varied in intensity from itching to contact dermatitis, a minor rash. In all cases a simple shower with soap and water ended the reaction and symptoms were gone in as little as 8 hours.

Allergic reactions can not necessarily be linked to DHA. There are a host of other ingredients used in sunless tanning solutions such as polyacrylimides, ethoxydiglycol, dimethyl isosorbide, sd alcohol, preservatives and fragrances that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction before DHA.

Scentual Sun solutions contain none of these ingredients as they can not only be skin irritants but cause different forms of respiratory irritation and distress if inhaled. We offer skin patch testing to any client that has never used a sunless tanner before and might be concerned about an allergy.

Table of Contents  |  Chapter 8

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